Brad Hammonds         Founder

Brad Hammonds is a guitarist, songwriter, and professional musician with over twenty years experience.

“Hammonds’ guitar work is masterful as he plays progressions at a rip-neck pace, changes genres or solemnly leads an instrumental game of tag.” - Entertainment Magazine

Hammonds created Footnote Records in 2015 and signed Hannah Gill as his first artist. He knew when Hannah came to the studio that she was special. Hannah was in high school at the time and would come up to New York to play shows with Hammonds and then drive back to high school in Easton, MD that same night.

They formed Hannah Gill and The Hours in September 2015 after Hannah graduated high school. They released their first EP in May 2016 to high acclaim and are embarking on their first national tour in the fall of 2016.  

"Listening to Hannah Gill and the Hours is something of a revelation." - UnderTheRadar

Hammonds also co-founded the healthcare startup SenseHealth with two other founders in 2013. He helped grow the company to over twenty employees, working with some of the biggest healthcare institutions and hospitals to assist underserved patients with multiple chronic diseases.

Jake Fishbein                     General Manager

Jake Fishbein comes to Footnote Records with a background in public relations and project coordination. Jake has run successful national media campaigns for Legs McNeil & Gillian McCain (the authors of Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk) and HIGH TIMES magazine. He's also coordinated several major New York galas, working alongside celebrities such as Ron Howard, Robert Kraft, Paul Bettany, and Jennifer Connelly.