MySpace Premiers "I Feel Awake" EP

"EXCLUSIVE: Hannah Gill Delivers with the EP ‘I Feel Awake' -- The 17-year-old from Maryland packs a wallop with her voice" by Lilledeshan Bose

Seventeen-year-old Hannah Gill’s voice has a mature, jazzy edge that belies her youth, and on her upcoming EP, I Feel Awake (produced by Alex Houton and mixed by four-time Grammy winner Brian Vibberts) the direct link to predecessors  Florence & the Machine, Kate Nash and even jazz greats such as Billie Holiday are evident. From the cheery handclaps in “Love and Glory” to the vocal longing in “I Feel Awake,” the EP showcases an artist who can convey emotion with every note. With her small frame and blonde, wavy bob, Gill doesn’t look like she owns that powerhouse of a voice, but it’s there. Proof? Gill is the only singer we’ve ever known whose cover of Hozier’s “Take Me To Church” compares to the original.

Gill honed her talent in high school musicals and talent shows, but she’s been singing since she was a child. She credits her parents for her taste: “My parents exposed me to a lot of music. I love folk music and plenty of ragtime, jazz, especially Ella Fitzgerald as well as a bunch of acoustic music—the Avett Brothers, artists like that. Real artists.”

And while her parents are responsible for musical preferences, it was pairing up with producer and musician Brad Hammonds that led to Gill’s musical stylings. After hearing her lay down tracks in his studio, Hammonds signed her on as the first artist on his label, Greene Street Music.

For now, Gill’s claim to fame is being stopped at school by kids who’ve seen her videos on YouTube. But with I Feel Awake, that probably will all soon change. Gill says, "I'm super excited about the new songs, we put in a lot of time and effort [into it]. I hope it is something that everyone can enjoy!”

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