Hannah Gill Dubbed the "Future of Music"

"These Young Female Artists are the Future of Music" by Molly Shores and Dianna Augustine

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Hannah Gill
Something that Florence and The Machines have brought to the forefront of music today is the alto female singer, which evokes such a different emotion than younger or higher-pitched voices. I hope that her prevalence will pave the way for Hannah Gill whose voice sits in the same register as Florence, but also produces such unique phrasing when coupled with the lyrics (that she wrote), and backed by a band who favors key-shifts leaning toward heroic. Her music is empowering, motivating, with a touch of daunting; as if to suggest ‘you’re amazing, can you handle that?’

Her most recent EP released was I Feel Alive (January 20). When she was featured on GuitarWorld.com, they said “Gill’s vocal sophistication conveys deep emotion without resorting to histrionics or autotune synthesized vocals.” This is a four-track EP (with an alternate recording of “I Feel Alive”).

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